Characteristics of Simpleleaf Chastetree (Vitex trifolia) in the Wild

Vitex trifolia
Simpleleaf chastetree (Vitex trifolia) is a small shrub that can also grow into large-sized shrubs, it is commonly found growing on the beach, lakes, and swamps.

The Simpleleaf chastetree tree spread naturally from along the coastline from tropical East Africa to French Polynesia.

The leaves are often used to treat diseases of women in the Cook Islands and are used to relieve fever in Samoa. Also, in many areas Simpleleaf chastetree leaves are often burned to repel mosquitoes.


Characteristic of Simpleleaf Chastetree Leaf

Vitex trifolia Leaf
Source : and Kim Starr

Simpleleaf chastetree leaves grow opposite along the stem and are usually compound, consisting of 3 linear leaflets whose length ranges from 1-12 cm.

The top surface of the leaves is green and the lower surface is grayish-green.


Characteristic of Simpleleaf Chastetree Flower

Vitex trifolia Flower
Source : Carnahan

The flowers appear in panicles or clusters up to 18 cm long. Individual flowers are purple and have two lips with a length of about 5 mm.


Characteristic of Simpleleaf Chastetree Fruit

Vitex trifolia Fruit
Source :翁明毅

The fruit fleshy, about 6 mm in diameter, and contains 4 small black seeds.


Characteristics of Simpleleaf Chastetree in the Wild

Vitex trifolia Tree
Source : Hammel

Simpleleaf chastetree trees generally grow in the form of shrubs, the height of fewer than 5 meters, and the trunk is covered by fine hairs.

This tree can be found in the woods of the beach or swamps. It grows the most in Indonesia, precisely on the coast of Java.


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