Characteristics of Resak Rawa Tree (Vatica pauciflora) in the Wild

Vatica pauciflora
Resak rawa or Resak padang (Vatica pauciflora) is a medium-sized tree species from the Dipterocarpaceae family. This tree comes from Peninsular Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia (Sumatra, Java, Bangka).

Marsh bugs are often found growing on the banks of slow-flowing rivers and freshwater marshes.

Currently, Vatica pauciflora is considered an endangered species in the wild, and the IUCN Redlist has categorized it as VU (Vulnerable).


Characteristics of Resak Rawa Leaf

Vatica pauciflora Leaf
Source: C. J. Lim

The leaves are 6-20 cm long and 2-8 cm wide, ellipse-lanceolate in shape, slightly stiff texture, 6-9 pairs of secondary spines, curved, rising, thin, and slightly more raised on the underside than the top. The petiole is 10-18 mm long and smooth.


Characteristics of Resak Rawa Flower

Vatica pauciflora Flower
Source: Ng

The panicles are up to 9 cm long, located at the tip or in the armpit near the tip, flowering many, branching irregularly. The flower buds are 10 mm long and 3 mm wide, fusiform, small appendages, slightly exceeding the anthers. The pistil is tubular, longer than the ovary, wide at the end under the small conical pistil, the flowers are characteristically similar.


Characteristics of Resak Rawa Fruit

Vatica pauciflora Fruit
Source: C. J. Lim

Fruit stalk reaches a length of 7 mm and a width of 3 mm, clearly visible, calyx lobes up to 5 mm in diameter, semi-circular shape, swells (incrassate), ± united in a circle attached to the base of the fruit. Fruit measuring 3 × 3 cm, oval in shape, slightly pointed, with 3 grooves on the locul (loculicidal) visible, fruit wall (pericarp) thick, like a cork stopper, nodules (verrucose).


Characteristics of Resak Rawa Tree

Vatica pauciflora Tree
Source: Fuad Morad

The Resak rawa tree grows as a medium-sized tree with a height of 10-20 meters.


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