Characteristic of Mountain Cantigi Tree (Vaccinium varingifolium) in the Wild

Vaccinium varingifolium
The mountain cantigi or tree which has the scientific name Vaccinium varingifolium is one of Indonesia’s endemic species, the tree grows in the highlands starting from 1700 m above sea level.

This tree is sometimes used as an ornamental tree and bonsai subject. Most hobbyists of ornamental plants, especially bonsai, hunt these trees because of the unique stems and leaves. From the side of the trunk, the mountain cantigi tree has an exotic appearance because it is rough and often breaks down.

A mountain cantigi tree that is only a few years old can have a trunk pattern like a decades-old tree. While the elegant young leaves with reddish colors make this tree look luxurious and beautiful to look at.

Many people mistakenly distinguish this tree with a red leaf tip tree (Syzygium myrtifolium).

If you are a bonsai hobbyist and want to pour money to explore the mountain in search of the cantigi mountain tree in the wild, it is better to pay attention and save a picture of the characteristics of the cantigi tree. Because, if you enter the forest in the mountains, chances are many trees are similar to the mountain cantigi, and it’s difficult to distinguish if you don’t bring pictures to distinguish them.


Characteristics of Mountain Cantigi Leaf

Vaccinium varingifolium Leaf
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The leaves are neatly arranged and look elegant with green on adult leaves and red on young leaves.


Characteristics of Mountain Cantigi Fruit

Vaccinium varingifolium Fruit
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Not many people know that the mountain cantigi tree produces edible fruit. Black cantigi fruit and small round shape like berries.

Vaccinium varingifolium Flower
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Characteristics of Mountain Cantigi Tree in the Wild

Vaccinium varingifolium Tree
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Mountain cantigi trees are easily found near mountain craters on Java. Trees can be found from an altitude of 1700 to 3000 m above sea level.

The trunk has a gray-black pattern, cracked, rough, bent and often found to be shaped like a twist. If you are lucky, you can find it on the mountain hiking trail.

Cantigi Mountain Tree in the Hiking Path
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However, do not occasionally dig or damage a tree that is in the hiking trail, because the tree is mooring mountain climbers or the local people around the mountain to climb.

In bonsai or ornamental trees, the beauty of a cantigi mountain tree is not inferior to a sea cantigi (Pemphis acidula). Although both of them have the same local name, the genus and habitat are both different. Sea cantigi has all green leaves, while mountain cantigi has green leaves with beautiful red shoots.


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