Characteristics of Ambarella Tree (Spondias dulcis) in the Wild

Spondias dulcis
Ambarella or June plum is a species of tropical or equatorial tree, with edible fruit and containing large, coarse fibrous seeds.

The amberella tree originates from Southeast Asia, and it has many synonym names in various places such as Kedondong (Indonesia), Ambra (Malaysia), Wi apple (Hawaii), Ciruelo (Ecuador), Ambarella (Netherlands), Amte kai (Kannada), Caja Manga (Brazil), Goldpflaume (Germany), Jobo Indio (Spain), Hevi (Philippines), Cóc (Vietnam), and Makok farang (Thailand).

Ambarella has been introduced to tropical regions throughout the world. The tree was brought to Jamaica in 1782 and is cultivated in Panama, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Trinidad Tobago, and eastern Sucre in Venezuela.

The United States Department of Agriculture received ambarella seeds from Liberia in 1909 but did not become a popular crop in the US. Nevertheless, it is planted in South Florida and as in northern Palm Beach County.

In Indonesia, ambarella fruit is most often used as a salad which is known as “Rujak”. In West Java, the young leaves are used as a spice for grilling fish. In Costa Rica, the more mature leaves are processed and eaten as a green salad. However, ambarella is most often used by its fruit rather than its leaves.


Characteristics of Ambarella Leaf

Spondias dulcis Leaf
Source : Hawkins and Russell Reinhardt

The pinnate leaves of ambarella, 20-60 cm long, consist of 9-25 leaves on stems 9-10 cm long.


Characteristics of Ambarella Flower

Spondias dulcis Flower
Source :

The flowers are small, white, and not too flashy.


Characteristics of Ambarella Fruit

Spondias dulcis Fruit
Source : Rodd

Oval ambarella fruit, 6-9 cm long, appear clustered between 5-15 fruit in bunches. Ripe fruit will fall to the ground, but it is still green and hard, and can still be eaten.

Ripe fruit can be eaten fresh, the meat is crispy and sour. Yellowish-white, runny, slightly sweet-sour.


Characteristics of Ambarella Tree

Spondias dulcis Tree
Source :

Ambercella trees can grow large quickly, it can reach heights of up to 20 meters in the wild, but only as high as 5-6 meters if planted in areas that are not their habitat.


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