Characteristics of Premna Tree (Premna microphylla) in the Wild

Premna microphylla
Premna (Premna microphylla) is a flowering tree in the Lamiaceae family. This tree was first described in 1771, and currently has around 100-200 different species where on average they are spread in tropical Asia.

Over time, premna trees spread widely to various tropical and subtropical regions in Africa, southern Asia, northern Australia, and various islands in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

Although the tree-shaped premna, it is still included in the evergreen shrub or poloopadavým, from the family Verbenaceae.


Characteristics of Premna Leaf

Premna microphylla Leaf
Source : & Fauna of the Mid North Coast of NSW

Premna have simple ovate leaves measuring approximately 9-12 cm.

Premna leaves will shrink to a smaller size when pruned, and become very small when pruned frequently. Perhaps this is why it is called “microphylla”.


Characteristics of Premna Flower

Premna microphylla Flower
Source :

The flowers are very small and yellowish white.


Characteristics of Premna Fruit

Premna microphylla Fruit
Source : & Fauna of the Mid North Coast of NSW

Small round fruit, clustered, dark purple, and usually appear in September to October.


Characteristics of Premna Tree

Premna microphylla Tree
Source : & Fauna of the Mid North Coast of NSW

Premna trees can thrive in the sun without shade with temperatures between 25-32 °C. This tree likes moist soil, not too dry or waterlogged.

In Asia the premna tree is very popular as a penjing and bonsai tree. Many bonsai artists use this tree as their bonsai project. In addition, the premna tree is also preferred because of its shallow root texture and does not damage the surrounding area.


Premna tree propagation can be done by cuttings of small twigs, medium branches, to large trunks. It grows relatively quickly if watered regularly and placed in a large pot or in direct soil.


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