Characteristics of Kayu Bulan Tree (Pisonia alba) in the Wild

Pisonia alba
Kayu Bulan or Kol banda (Pisonia alba) is a tree species originating from the Maluku Islands but is now introduced in various parts of Indonesia, Asia, and other tropical countries.

Kayu bulan has been a popular ornamental plant since the early 20th century. This tree is easily recognized for its broad leaves and pale yellowish-green color.

Kayu bulan can be propagated by stem cuttings. Apart from being an ornamental plant, the young leaves can also be used as a salad with a taste like a radish.


Characteristics of Kayu Bulan Leaf

Pisonia alba Leaf

The leaves are thin, oval, pointed tip, blunt base, 10-25 cm long and 7-10 cm wide, bright light green to pale yellow.


Characteristics of Kayu Bulan Flower

Pisonia alba Flower
Source: Nikharge

Kayu bulan is rarely seen in bloom. The male flowers are white or greenish-white with a length of 6 mm, and the female flowers are smaller.


Characteristics of Kayu Bulan Fruit

The fruit is elongated, five-pointed dice with a length of up to 2 cm.


Characteristics of Kayu Bulan Tree

Pisonia alba Tree
Source: Gardens

Kayu bulan can grow to a height of 10 meters, the trunk is smooth and bright gray.


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