Characteristics of Japanese Andromeda Tree (Pieris japonica) in the Wild

Pieris japonica
Andromeda Japan is a species of bush tree in the family Ericaceae. He came from China, Taiwan, and Japan where the tree grows in the mountains as a bush.

One of his cultivators, Pieris japonica ‘Forest Flame’ is often cultivated by crop farmers for commercial use as an ornamental tree.


Characteristics of Japanese Andromeda Leaf

Pieris japonica Leaf
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The leaves are rough, jagged at the edges, 3-10 cm long and 1-3 cm wide.


Characteristics of Japanese Andromeda Flower

Pieris japonica Flower
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Andromeda Japanese flowers grow at the end of branches, dress up, gather, dangle, and have a reddish-white color.

In Japan, these andromeda flowers bloom in February or March and usually last for two to three weeks.


Characteristics of Japanese Andromeda Tree

Pieris japonica Tree
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Japanese Andromeda trees grow to form medium-sized shrubs with an average height of 4-6 meters in the wild.

The trees are often planted by the community as ornamental trees in the yard and fence trees.

WARNING: All parts of the Andromeda tree are poisonous if consumed by humans or animals.


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