Characteristics of God’s Crown Tree (Phaleria macrocarpa) in the wild

Phaleria macrocarpa
God’s Crown or Pau is a species of tree native to Indonesia which has a local nickname Simalakama or Mahkota Dewa. The tree is also found growing in the tropics of New Guinea at an altitude of fewer than 1,200 m above sea level.

God’s crown tree is often planted as a shade plant in the yard, park, or roadside. Its size is not too big with a general height of 3 meters making it suitable as a shrub plant.

The bright red fruit contains substances such as Alkaloids, Saponins, Flavonoids, and Polyphenols. Although God’s crown is very tempting to eat, it is quite dangerous and can cause death to humans who consume it.


Characteristics of God’s Crown Leaf

Phaleria macrocarpa Leaf
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The leaves are tapered 7-10 cm long and 3-5 cm wide each.


Characteristics of God’s Crown Flower

Phaleria macrocarpa Flower
Source : Fuad Morad

The flowers consist of two to four petals, with colors from green to maroon.


Characteristics of God’s Crown Fruit

Phaleria macrocarpa Fruit
Source : Fuad Morad

God’s crown is round with a diameter of about 3 cm, green when young and bright red when ripe. Each fruit has one to two brown seeds, and the fruit is very poisonous.


Characteristics of God’s Crown Tree

Phaleria macrocarpa Tree
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The crown of the god tree can grow to reach a height of 15-20 meters in the wild. It is found to grow at an altitude of 10 to 1,100 m above sea level in almost all of Indonesia.

The tree itself has a productive period (bearing fruit) when it is 10 to 20 years old.


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