Characteristics of Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera adansonii) in the Wild

Monstera adansonii
Swiss cheese plant or Adanson’s monstera is a flowering ornamental plant species of the Araceae family that is widespread in most of South and Central America.

In the wild, this plant grows on the trunk of large trees under the coverage of the leaves. This means that the Swiss cheese plant has a shady habitat and low light. So, they become plants that are very suitable to be placed indoors, not in full sun all day.


Characteristics of Swiss Cheese Plant Leaf

Monstera adansonii Leaf
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The leaves are oval or elliptical, 20-55 cm long, and 7-30 cm wide, with tapered ends. The leaf stems are 10-45 cm long and downy.


Characteristics of Swiss Cheese Plant Flower

Monstera adansonii Flower
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The flowers are bisexual, yellowish in color, grouped in axillary and cylindrical spadices, measuring 5-18 cm, and a diameter of about 2 cm. Spadice has a convoluted spathe, measuring from 10 cm to 28 cm at the apex acuminate and whitish.


Characteristics of Swiss Cheese Plant in the Wild

Monstera adansonii Plant
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In the wild, this plant inhabits damp shady forests and it grows climbing on large trees and often forms bushes.

Swiss cheese plant grows as a climbing plant in the lowlands (less than 1,000 m above sea level) and the general area they occupy has a comfortable temperature. This plant hates drought, it prefers light soil and is always moist but not flooded.

Areas with a tropical climate are a comfortable place for them to live. As long as they do not dry under the sun directly for a long time.

This plant has many synonym names to call it, including:

  • Dracontium pertusum
  • Monstera friedrichsthalii
  • Monstera ecuadorensis
  • Monstera imrayana
  • Monstera jacquinii
  • Monstera longipedunculata
  • Monstera macrophylla
  • Monstera pertusa
  • Philodendron pertusum
  • Tornelia laniata

There is a cultivar named Monstera adansonii ‘Archipelago’ which has various leaves type, such as Monstera deliciosa ‘Variegata’. Rarely found, but quite widely cultivated in the US and Asia.

NEED TO KNOW: This plant is often sold under the name Monstera obliqua, but in reality, Monstera obliqua is the same as Monstera adansonii, but Monstera obliqua has a smaller and slightly more elegant form. Formerly, the great Monstera adansonii was also called by the name Monstera friedrichsthalii, as time went by people realized that it was the same species.


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