Characteristics of Utah Juniper Tree (Juniperus osteosperma) in the Wild

Juniperus osteosperma
Utah juniper is a species of conifer tree from the evergreen family Cupressaceae, native to the southwestern United States. Its natural range extends from the mountains of southwestern Wyoming and southeastern Idaho across the states of Utah, Nevada, western Colorado to the eastern slopes of the Sierra, the Panamint Mountains of California, and the highlands of northern and central Arizona.

Smaller populations can be found in southern Montana and western New Mexico. The main area of ​​distribution for the Utah juniper is in the Great Basin where the species is the most common tree. The Utah juniper grows at elevations between 1,300-2,600 meters in the dry, rocky soils often found with Pinus monophylla.

This is the dominant juniper species in Utah. In many parts of the semi-desert of southwest North America, the Utah juniper is the only dominant tree species.

In prehistoric times, the bark of this tree was used to make ropes, sacks, sandals, mats, and torches. The Indians used the wood as blocks to build houses / other buildings and the fruit was used as food.

In the US, the Utah juniper tree is protected by the state of Nevada by restricting its use.

Some planters cultivate this tree as a bonsai subject because the Utah juniper has the necessary characteristics of bonsai aesthetics and the tree is tough and resistant to hot weather and drought.


Characteristics of Utah Juniper Leaf

Juniperus osteosperma Leaf
Source : St. John

The leaves are opposite, in pairs or triple whorls, mature leaves are scales, 1-2 mm long (5 mm on young leaves) and 1-1.5 mm wide. Juvenile leaves are only found on young, needle-like trees with a length of 5-10 mm.


Characteristics of Utah Juniper Fruit

Juniperus osteosperma Fruit
Source : St. John

The fruit is berry-like, round, small, 8-9 mm in diameter, and bluish-gray when young and then brown when ripe. Each fruit contains 1-2 seeds. The seed shell is hard, slightly angled in shape, and has a pointed tip with a rounded base.


Characteristics of Utah Juniper Tree

Juniperus osteosperma Tree
Source : Bollman

The Utah juniper can grow as a shrub or small tree up to 2-5 meters (rarely 6 meters) high, depending on the growing location. Stems are short, multi-stemmed, and eccentric. Its crown is open and round and consists of branches facing upwards.

The wood of old trees is brownish red, but can also be weathering gray. The bark is peeled off in thin lines, brownish-gray, while the bark of the young branches is smooth.

Utah juniper is very common on barren slopes with dry and rocky soils at an altitude of 1,300 to 2,600 m asl. Even in an open location, this tree withstands sandstorms, extreme heat, and long dry periods. Together with other tough conifer trees.


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