How to grow a Bonsai tree from seed?

Grow Bonsai Tree From Seeds
If you are new to bonsai, it’s best to avoid taboo things like “how to grow a bonsai tree from seed”. Why? You can imagine how much time you would spend waiting for the tree to grow until it has a sturdy trunk to care for. You can spend 5-10 years or more just waiting for the tree to grow. From now on, get rid of the thought of growing trees for bonsai from seed, unless you want to waste your precious time.

There are three alternative ways to make bonsai which are simplest and don’t take much time, as below:


1. Yamadori (searching trees in the wild)

Yamadori Bonsai

The first choice or Yamadori is a common way by many bonsai artists around the world to get a tree that lives up to expectations. Although the meaning of Yamadori is “searching trees in the wild”, it is not free. It costs a fortune to invite a few people as friends and assistants while you explore the forest or mountains, consume during exploration, and dig and carry trees to the car park. This does not include the costs you would incur on vehicle fuel and the purchase of trees if you took trees from state forests or mountains. This is an absolute MUST you pay before you are fined for illegal logging.


2. Purchase a prebonsai tree

Purchase Pre Bonsai

The second option for obtaining bonsai material is to purchase prebonsai trees from a nursery in your area. Of course, you will pay for the prebonsai tree you choose, and this is very reasonable. This second option is perfect for those of you who don’t want to bother looking for trees in the forest or mountains.


3. Layering trees

Air Layering

The end is a very simple third option, which is to layering trees around where you live. You just have to go around the house to find the type of tree you want, ask the owner of the tree for permission, and get started. It’s just that short!

However, this last method is not recommended for those of you who are new to trees, because the layering technique requires a little knowledge, expertise, and experience to get satisfying results. My advice, invite your colleagues who already have experience layering trees.

FYI: Not all types of trees can be propagated by layering. Several types of trees can be layered, but they may take a while to take root. And each type of tree uses a different type of soil to be successful. This is where the knowledge and experience of layering trees are needed.


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