Characteristics of Renghas Tree (Gluta renghas) in the Wild

Gluta renghas
Renghas or Gluta is the name of a genus of plants consisting of 34 trees belonging to the Gluta clan, Anacardiaceae tribe. The genus name is often interpreted to refer to the Copper Renghas tree species (Gluta renghas) which are widespread in the tropics, especially in Indonesia.

Many species of renghas trees produce good quality wood in reddish tones and stripes, which is often used extensively for making furniture, decorating panels, wood flooring, plywood, and handicrafts.

In large sizes, renghas wood is used as a pole or beam to make bridges, railroad bearings, boat keels, molding, and so on.

IMPORTANT: The substances present in the sap of the renghas tree are very dangerous in direct contact with human skin. The effect of being exposed to renghas sap is unbearable itching, heat, and even blisters within 4-7 days.

Although it is dangerous, renghas sap is used in the varnish industry. The fruit of some types of rengas can also be eaten after being processed into food.


Characteristics of Renghas Leaf

Gluta renghas Leaf
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The leaves of renghas are arranged in a spiral, grouped to form a single, flat-edged, stemmed, and without leaf pseudo-leaf arrangement.


Characteristics of Renghas Flower

Gluta renghas Flower
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The renghas flowers are arranged in panicles in the axillary of the leaves, each of them is bi-sex, the petals are shaped like a cup, and fall off easily.


Characteristics of Renghas Fruit

Gluta renghas Fruit
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The renghas fruit has a stone-like shape with uneven lumps and is brown in color.


Characteristics of Renghas Tree

Gluta renghas Tree
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The renghas tree can grow to be about 40-45 meters in size, sometimes it also grows like a large shrub. The tree trunk is round thoracic, occasionally notched near the base, and has many branches. The renghas tree trunk diameter can reach 2-3 meters. The headers are solid and often shaped like a dome with large branches.

The bark of the renghas tree is rough, usually cracked or peels like scales, and emits a reddish or dark brown sap that gradually turns black when exposed to air.


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