Characteristics of Mundu Tree (Garcinia dulcis) in the Wild

Garcinia dulcis
Mundu or Rata is a type of fruiting tree that is considered less important, native to Indonesia. The fruit can be eaten fresh or processed into jam and herbal medicine.

The mundu tree is a member of the genus Garcinia, so it is also a close relative of the Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) and Candis acid (Garcinia parvifolia).

Mundu is believed to be a native Indonesian fruit plant that only grows in Java and parts of Kalimantan, although this plant also grows in the Philippines and Thailand. Because of the poor quality of this fruit, the tree is not cultivated.

However, mundu fruit which is considered not important contains many substances that can be useful to overcome various diseases, including:

  • 1. Fever-reducing and anti-inflammatory drugs

    Mundu is believed to be effective in overcoming fever and anti-inflammation, Mundu fruit contains substances that the body needs to stay healthy. If in the past many people regarded it as a fruit that is not useful, so now mundu fruit is sought after because of its properties that cannot be underestimated.
  • 2. Overcoming mumps and swelling

    Mumps and swelling due to lack of iodine can be overcome by consuming mundu fruit regularly.
  • 3. Effective treating thrush and overcoming bad breath

    Mundu fruit is also believed to be able to overcome the symptoms of heartburn which results in thrush and bad breath.
  • 4. Overcome pain and heal wounds

    Not only effective in overcoming thrush and bad breath, but mundu fruit is also effective in dealing with pain and helps the healing process of wounds if consumed correctly and regularly.
  • 5. Anti-malaria

    Even if you keep the health of the environment clean, it does not mean you are free from malaria. Malaria can happen to anyone without knowing a clean or dirty place. Mundu fruit which contains powerful and effective compounds that can overcome malaria.

Although the benefits of mundu are not popular internationally, people in Southeast Asia believe that mundu fruit has many benefits that can overcome various diseases if treated and used correctly.


Characteristics of Mundu Leaf

Garcinia dulcis Leaf
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The leaves are a large, stiff, elongated or round shape and shiny.


Characteristics of Mundu Fruit

Garcinia dulcis Fruit
Source : Fuad Morad

Mundu fruit is round or ovate when it is ripe, yellow, smooth, and thin skin. Yellow flesh, runny, each fruit contains 1-4 seeds and tastes sweet and sour with an unpleasant aroma.

The flowers are arranged in white or green brass strands. The flowers bloom from April to September.


Characteristics of Mundu Tree

Garcinia dulcis Tree
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The mundu tree grows in the shape of a medium-sized tree and is everlasting green. The stem is erect, brown, and the maximum height reaches 20 meters.

The tree grows well in the lowlands to an altitude of 500 m above sea level.


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