Characteristics of Mountain Fig Tree (Ficus glumosa) in the Wild

Ficus glumosa
Mountain fig (Ficus glumosa) is a species of shrub or small tree of Afrotropic origin. This tree is found growing at various heights and types of damaged terrain, including kopjes, rock cliffs, mountain slopes, lava flows, and forests.

Mountain figs mainly occupy a large part of the absence of the tropical rainforest zone, or the dry interior areas of Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

In Africa, this tree is known as Harige-rotsvy and Berg-rotsvy.

The IUCN Redlist and African Redlist categorize Ficus glumosa as a species of Least Concern (LC).


Characteristics of Mountain Fig Leaf

Ficus glumosa Leaf

The leaves are elliptical, measuring 5-15 × 2-9 cm, dark green and smooth on the upper surface, and light green on the lower surface.

Young leaves, branches, and petioles are covered with golden to grayish hairs.


Characteristics of Mountain Fig Fruit

Ficus glumosa Fruit

The fruit is 0.8-1.5 cm in diameter, hairy and red when ripe. The fruit begins to appear from early spring to late summer (August to March where it comes from). These figs are loved by birds, bats, antelopes, monkeys, and baboons.


Characteristics of Mountain Fig Tree

Ficus glumosa Tree

Mountain figs can grow from low shrubs to small trees up to 15 meters high. Its growth characteristics are very interesting, it behaves like an evergreen tree in areas where rainfall is very high and expresses itself as a semi-deciduous tree in arid areas.

The bark is pale gray to yellowish-grey, and has a fine to slightly rough texture, tends to peel, but creates a nice decorative appearance.

Tree branches tend to grow quite low. The crown is rounded if it grows in a normal place but will open and fall apart if in extreme places such as ravines or rock cliffs.



The most common ways of growing this tree are seed seedlings and cuttings. For seedlings, take the fruit that falls under the tree and then dry it. Then sow the seeds into the seedling pot, then the seeds will germinate quickly between 5-10 days. If cuttings, place the branch pieces in the shade so if necessary wrap them in plastic until the leaves grow.

Mountain fig growth from seeds or cuttings is fairly fast if it gets enough sunlight and water.


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