Characteristics of Mosaic Fig Trees (Ficus aspera) in the Wild

Ficus aspera f. parcellii
Mosaic Fig or Variegated Clown Fig (Ficus aspera) is a tree species native to Vanuatu in the south Pacific region. This tree is often grown as an ornamental plant because of its attractive foliage and non-aggressive roots.

Mosaic Fig requires a hot and humid environment, it hates cold and wind. The tree needs at least 6-7 hours of sunshine a day in a well-lit place. The shade can damage the leaves.


Characteristics of Mosaic Fig Leaf

Ficus aspera f. parcellii Leaf
Source:édric Basset

Mosaic Fig leaves are 20-30 cm long, heart-shaped to rhombic, and sometimes toothed around the edges. The leaves have white patches and greenish-gray against a dark green background.


Characteristics of Mosaic Fig Fruit

Ficus aspera f. parcellii Fruit

The fruit is round about 25 mm in diameter, red to purplish, and appears on tree trunks, not at the ends of branches.


Characteristics of Mosaic Fig Tree

Ficus aspera f. parcellii Tree

Mosaic figs can grow to 20 meters tall in the wild and do not have aggressive roots. The tree does not like protected areas and is suitable for planting in most soil types.


This tree can be cultivated from seed, with the best germination temperature around 20 °C. It can also be propagated by layering water and shoot cuttings about 5-10 cm (taken from the lateral branches).


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