Characteristics of Rampelas Tree (Ficus ampelas) in the Wild

Ficus ampelas
Rampelas or Hampelas are plants from the Moraceae family that grow throughout Indonesia. The trees are scattered in an area less than 1,500 m above sea level. Largest trees grow in secondary forests, dry gardens, and river banks or swamps.

The rampelas tree has many uses, especially as traditional medicine and its dry leaves are used for wood grinding.

Currently, rampelas trees are also widely planted as shrubs in house yards and bonsai trees.


Characteristics of Rampelas Leaf

Ficus ampelas Leaf
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The leaves are single, alternate, smooth, oval, and shiny green. When the leaves dry out, they can be used to smooth wood/sandpaper.


Characteristics of Rampelas Fruit

Ficus ampelas Fruit
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Rampelas fruit is small, round, and white when young and then yellow to orange when ripe.


Characteristics of Rampelas Tree

Ficus ampelas Tree
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The rampelas tree can grow to a height of 20 meters with a trunk diameter of 50-60 cm. The trunk is smooth, erect, round, and has sympodial branches.

In ancient times, the rampelas tree was often cultivated because of the usefulness of its leaves. But now this tree is planted only as an ornamental tree.


The rampelas tree contains a lot of fluid in the trunk and roots. The liquid is yellowish-brown and tastes spicy. This liquid can be obtained by cutting the roots and covering them with a container such as tapping.

The liquid from the rampelas tree can be drunk and is useful for treating people who have difficulty passing urine.


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