Characteristics of Ampupu Tree (Eucalyptus urophylla) in the Wild

Eucalyptus urophylla
Ampupu or Timor Mountain Gum (Eucalyptus urophylla) is a species of tree endemic to Indonesia that grows naturally on volcanic soils. Its habitat is the highlands (200-2,400 m asl) in the mountains of eastern Indonesia.

The ampupu tree contains essential oils that have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-infective, insecticidal and expectorant properties. Ampupu also contains a lot of flavonoids and phosphorylated floroglucinol compounds. Due to the abundance of useful substances, the ampupu tree has now been planted and cultivated in several countries such as Brazil, Papua New Guinea, China, Malaysia, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Madagascar, Costa Rica, and Solomon.

The main product of ampupu is wood which is used as raw material for pulp and paper. Ampupu wood is also used as a raw material for plywood (veneer) and other sawn wood. Ampupu wood is classified as strong and durable which can be used for heavy load support materials such as railroad bearings, stairs, and building support beams.


Characteristics of Ampupu Leaf

Eucalyptus urophylla Leaf
Source: B. Friday

The leaves of ampupu are oval, elongated, and lanceolate, where at the base they shrink to a tapered tip.


Characteristics of Ampupu Flower

Eucalyptus urophylla Flower

The ampupu flower does not have a flower stalk, the flowers are small, in groups, and white.


Characteristics of Ampupu Fruit

Eucalyptus urophylla Fruit

The fruit is round with a smaller base, whitish-green when young and brown when ripe.


Characteristics of Ampupu Tree

Eucalyptus urophylla Tree

The ampupu tree can grow to a height of 35-40 meters and an average of free branches to a height of 20 meters. The trunk can be up to 1 meter or more in diameter and has no buttresses. The outer skin is usually light brown to dark brown, smooth, and peels irregularly long.

This tree can grow on less fertile, rocky, and swampy soils. For best growth, the ampupu tree needs full sun all day without shade and is also a tree that stays evergreen all year round.


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