Elcomsoft Cloud EXplorer Forensic 2.22 Build 34665 With Crack

Elcomsoft Cloud EXplorer Forensic 2.22 Build 34665 With Crack

Elcomsoft CloudeXplorer Crack

Elcomsoft CloudeXplorer Forensic LicenseKey Extract everything from Google Account. Download users(tm), location history, files, documents, Contacts and Hangouts Messages Google Keep Chrome browsing history, search histories, page transitions, calendars, images and many more.

Elcomsoft CloudeXplorer Full Version Features

  • Passwordless authentication Several year ago, we invented a workaround. This allowed experts to use a Binary authentication token to access Apple iCloud data and backups. Today, we are introducing the same thing for Google accounts.
  • Google Drive Support Elcomsoft Cloud Forensic Keygen provides support for Google Drive. It offers a fully integrated, forensically-sound solution to extract as much data as possible from Google accounts.
  • Google Accounts forensic Acquisition
  • Acquire information from users(tm) Google Account with a simple all-in-one tool! Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer makes downloading, viewing, and analysing information from Google Account easier. This tool provides users(tm), search and browsing history as well as contacts, Google Keep notes and Hangouts messages as well as easy access to images stored in Google Photos accounts.
  • Google stores massive amounts of data from registered customers. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer extracts information from the many available sources, parses and assembles the data, presenting information in human-readable form.
  • Google Data in Digital Forensics Elcomsoft Cloud Elplorer Forensic Core Cloud Forensics are a rapidly growing area for IT security professionals and forensic experts. It is difficult to underestimate the amount of data consumers generate by using online services. This data can prove extremely valuable in an investigation into criminal cases or security breaches to IT infrastructure.
  • Online services are increasingly used by consumers, including those of a criminal kind. Google and other cloud service providers have incredible amounts of data that track users at every step. It can be difficult for cloud storage providers to provide this evidence. If the investigator lacks the necessary tools and knowledge, it may be difficult to view, discover and analyze the data.
  • Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer was built to overcome these limitations. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer requires no technical knowledge and does not require prior training. It includes all the information you need to find out more about any suspect.
  • What is Extracted
  • Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer offers over-the-air acquisition for a wide range of Google services including all of the following:
  • User Profile and other information
  • Messages (Google Hangouts)
  • Text messages (SMS). Android 8.0 Oreo is required for all smartphones. Android 7 or higher for the Pixel XL and Pixel XL.
  • Call logs
  • Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer Forensic Cracked Saved Wi-Fi credentials (SSID and passwords)
  • Email messages (Gmail) via Gmail API
  • Contacts (including synced phone contacts)
  • Notes (Google Keep).
  • Search History (including all Web sites visited after starting the search)
  • Google Chrome data[1]: Synced bookmarks, Webforms, logins and passwords; page transitions
  • Media (images and videos from Google Photos including EXIF data)
  • Calendars
  • Dashboard
  • Location history and enhanced mapping data (Routes, Places)
  • Google Account – Files and documents

How To Crack Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer Forensic 2.22 Build 34665

  • Click the links below to download Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer Forensic Crack.
  • After downloading, install the program as normal.
  • Do not run the software after installation.
  • Now Copy the Crack files & Paste into C/Program files.
  • Now you are done. Enjoy the Full Features

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