Characteristics of Mountain Persimmon Tree (Diospyros montana) in the Wild

Diospyros montana
Mountain Persimmon or Bombay Ebony is a species of dioecious tree, which can reach heights of up to 20 meters. This tree is native to India, Sri Lanka, Indo-China, and Australia.

In various places, this tree is called by different names, such as in Indonesia it is known as Mustam, in India it is called Bistendu, Jagalkanti, Manjakara, Bankini, Vakkanai, or Malayakathitholi, in Vietnam it is known as Tarn Dum or Tarn Sarn, and Its popular international names are Bombay ebony, Mountain persimmon, and Mottled ebony.

Apart from having many common names, this tree also has many synonymous names in botany, including the following:

  • Diospyros auriculata
  • Diospyros bracteata
  • Diospyros calcarea
  • Diospyros calycina
  • Diospyros cordifolia
  • Diospyros dioica
  • Diospyros glauca
  • Diospyros goindu
  • Diospyros heterophylla
  • Diospyros humilis
  • Diospyros kanjilalii
  • Diospyros microcarpa
  • Diospyros orixensis
  • Diospyros pubicalyx
  • Diospyros punctata
  • Diospyros rugosula
  • Diospyros waldemarii


Characteristics of Mountain Persimmon Leaf

Diospyros montana Leaf
Source : RedEarth

The leaves are simple, ovate, grow alternately, 4-10 x 2-4 cm in diameter. The petiole is 5-10 mm long, slender, and smooth.


Characteristics of the Bombay Ebony Flower

Diospyros montana Flower
Source : RedEarth

The flowers are unisexual and white. Male flowers have 2-6 on the armpit umbel, 5 mm flower stalks, 3 mm petals, 4 lobes, ovate, imbricate, thick, ciliate edge, and blunt. Crown 6-7 mm, greenish-yellow, urceolate, bald, lobe 4, ovate, imbricate, 2.5 mm long, subacute. 16 stamens, approximately in 8 pairs, are not the same. Anthers lanceolate, pistillode conical and pointed.

Solitary female flowers, up to 4 mm armpit pedicel, petals, and crown as in male flowers, staminodes 4.5 mm, linear-lanceolate, superior ovary, 0.7 mm wide, round, bald, 8 cells, one ovule in each cell, style 4, and a length of 1.5 mm.


Characteristics of Mountain Persimmon Fruit

Diospyros montana Fruit
Source : Paul

The berries are berries, 1.5-2 cm in diameter, ovate to obconical, and yellow to orange in color. 3-6 seeds, coarse, and black.


Characteristics of Mountain Persimmon Tree

Diospyros montana Tree
Source : Vattakaven

This tree can grow as a medium-sized tree with a height of between 15-20 meters in the wild. The bark is smooth, gray or yellowish-gray in color, yellow inside, and slightly, watery.

The trunk and branches have long, stiff, variable spines formed from branch stumps. The branches are slender, downy, only the branches of a very thin leaf.

Diospyros montana is a member of Diospyros that grows in tropical climates and is widely grown as a garden ornamental tree and bonsai.


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