Characteristics of Black Maba (Diospyros ferrea) Trees in the Wild

Maba buxifolia
This known rare tree is widely used as a bonsai subject in Asia and is a beautiful tropical tree. Black Maba is also often confused with the many species of Diospyros that grow in Asia. However, plant enthusiasts and observers will certainly easily distinguish it from the shape of the leaves and fruit.

What would the Black Maba tree look like in the wild? You can see the following:


Characteristics of Black Maba Leaf

Maba buxifolia Leaf

Leaf veins curl and anastomose at the margins, visible only on mature leaves.

Unisexual flowers on different trees.


Characteristics of Black Maba Fruit

Maba buxifolia Fruit

The fruit is a small berry and can be eaten when ripe.


Characteristics of the Black Maba Tree

Maba buxifolia Tree

The tree can grow 7-8 meters tall with slender trunks about 60 cm in diameter. Locations of growth in dry areas in the covered forest, forest edges, rocky savanna, and coastal scrub.

The wood is white-gray with darker stripes in the middle, is tightly grained, hard, heavy, and durable.

Black Maba mostly grows in coastal areas, it is resistant to salty soils, strong winds, and drought. The suitable annual temperature for this tree averages around 21-25 °C.


This tree can be propagated by cutting and seeds. The cutting method uses the pruning or shoots cutting technique, which is very easy to grow and can be cut year-round.

The winter cut should be kept above 10 °C, and the roots will grow in about 1-2 months. Summer mowing only takes 2-3 weeks (a summer cut is more suitable).


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