Difference between Ficus Greenisland and Longisland

Difference between Ficus Greenisland and Longisland
Distinguishing Ficus greenisland and Ficus longisland is not difficult for those of you who have seen the two in person. But, it will be confusing if you never see the two and only see the pictures from the internet.

Here, namesofttrees.com will share information on how to tell the difference between Ficus greenisland and longisland.

First, you should know that ‘greenisland’ and ‘longisland’ are not legal scientific or Latin names for these two Ficus. They both actually come from the species Ficus microcarpa, and the legal names are:

Ficus microcarpa var. latifolia for Ficus greenisland and
Ficus microcarpa var. crassifolia for Ficus longisland.


After you know this, you might think why the scientific name is the same as the type of Ficus Tiger Bark, Wax Fig, or Ficus retusa. Ficus Tiger Bark and Wax Fig are varieties or descendants of Ficus microcarpa as well as greenisland and longisland, only this type is more easily recognized and rarely debated. Except for the name Ficus retusa, where this name is a legal name for Ficus species endemic to Indonesia and Malaysia.

Ficus retusa is completely different from Ficus microcarpa and its descendants. It has large leaves, rather thick, slightly stiff, and with a blunt apex (typical of Ficus retusa). So, apart from Indonesia and Malaysia, Ficus retusa is almost impossible to find. Even in Java, there are only a few known locations where Ficus retusa grows.

Ok, we return to the main topic to distinguish between Ficus greenisland and Ficus longisland the simplest is the physical form of the leaves.


Difference between Ficus Greenisland and Longisland


Characteristics of Ficus Greenisland

Ficus greenisland
Ficus greenisland Leaves | Personal Documentation by Sogellizer

Ficus greenisland has leaves that are almost round or oval in shape with a rounded leaf apex. The leaves are stiff and bright green. It grows rapidly, more often sideways, and becomes a low shrub 1-1.5 meters high.


Characteristics of Ficus Longisland

Ficus longisland
Ficus longisland Leaves | Personal Documentation by Sogellizer

Ficus longisland has oval-shaped leaves rather long with a tapered leaf apex. The leaves are stiff, and glossy green or dark green. Fast growth, upright trunk, and can become a tree 3-4 meters high.

Because the explanation of the text alone may be difficult to understand, we show the image below to make it easier for you to recognize and know the difference.


Personal Documentation by Sogellizer

If the two are aligned like the picture above, of course, it’s easy to tell the difference.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Besides greenisland and longisland, there is still one type called Dolar Mikro (trading may be limited internationally, but quite common in Indonesia) and this one has no known scientific name. The characteristics are very similar to greenisland but have leaves that are smaller, denser, glossy bright green, and the leaf blade is concave like a bowl.

Ficus coin
Ficus coin Leaves | Personal Documentation by Sogellizer


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