Characteristics of Beach Cordia Tree (Cordia subcordata) in the Wild

Cordia subcordata
Beach cordia or Sea trumpet (Cordia subcordata) is a species of flowering tree in the family Boraginaceae, which grows in eastern Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia, northern Australia, and the Pacific Islands.

In Java and Madura, Beach cordia is known as Kalimasada, Purnamasada, or Pramasada. Javanese folklore considers the tree to contain spiritual power. In the Marshall Islands, it is known as Kono. Other names for this species include Kanawa, Tou, Kou, Mareer, Manjak, Snottygobbles, Glueberry, Narrow-leaved bird lime tree.

Beach cordia often grows on beaches, found at elevations from 0 to 150 m asl. It grows in areas that receive 1000-4000 mm of annual rainfall. This tree prefers neutral soils over alkaline soils (pH 6.1 to 7.4), such as those from basalt, limestone, loam, or sand. Soil textures required by Beach Cordia include sand, sandy loam, loam, and sandy loam.


Characteristics of Beach Cordia Leaf

Cordia subcordata Leaf

The leaves are arranged alternately, ovate to elliptical with a blunt tip, light green and shiny above and dull below. Leaf-blade measuring 8-20 x 5-16 cm.


Characteristics of Beach Cordia Flower

Cordia subcordata Flower

Flowers form small races at the ends of branches and in leaf axils. They consist of green petals and a light orange crown. Corollas are 2.5-4 cm wide and consist of 5-7 corollas that are slightly wrinkled.


Characteristics of Beach Cordia Fruit

Cordia subcordata Fruit

The fruit is round to ovoid, 2-3 cm in size, brown, hard, and woody when ripe. Ripe and unripe fruit often grows on the tree at the same time. Each fruit contains up to four white seeds, narrow, 1-13 cm long. The fruits float, scatter them all over the ocean. The seeds germinate as soon as they are washed up.


Characteristics of Beach Cordia Tree

Cordia subcordata Tree

Beach cordia grows as a tree up to 10 meters high with a broad and dense crown and a trunk diameter of up to 60 cm.


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