Characteristics of Chinese Honeysuckle Tree (Combretum indicum) in the Wild

Combretum indicum
Chinese honeysuckle or Rangoon creeper is a species of vines with flowers in clusters and red and white. This plant originates from tropical Asia and has increased in popularity since its use as an ornamental vine.

Chinese honeysuckle is found growing in bushes or secondary forests of the Philippines, India, and Malaysia. Now, the tree has been cultivated and naturalized in other tropical areas such as Burma, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

In Indonesia, this plant is known as Ceguk or Melati Belanda.


Characteristics of Chinese Honeysuckle Leaf

Combretum indicum Leaf
Source : Sheila

The leaves are simple, elliptical with a pointed tip. Between 10-15 cm long and 5-7 cm wide.


Characteristics of Chinese Honeysuckle Flower

Combretum indicum Flower
Source : Khare

The flowers are clustered, fragrant, and can vary in color from white, pink, and red. Chinese honeysuckle flowers regardless of the season. 


Characteristics of Chinese Honeysuckle Tree

Combretum indicum Tree
Source : Sheila

The Chinese honeysuckle tree grows vines and grows very fast. In a suitable place, the tree will have very broad leaves and will be in full bloom every day.


This plant is often used as herbal medicine. The leaves can be used to treat fever, the roots are used to treat rheumatism, and the seeds of the fruit are used to treat pinworms. Chinese honeysuckle is poisonous to human parasites and kills them in the digestive tract.


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