Characteristics of Fukien Tea Tree (Carmona retusa) in the Wild

Carmona retusa
Ehretia microphylla also known as Carmona retusa is a species of flowering shrub in the Boraginaceae family. This plant grows widely in the east and southeast Asia including India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia.

Internationally, Carmona retusa is known by various names such as Fukien Tea or Philipin Tea and has become one of the invasive weed plants in Hawaii.


Characteristics of Fukien Tea Leaf

Carmona retusa Leaf
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The leaves are 10-50 mm long, 5-30 mm wide, and can vary in size, texture, color, and margin.


Characteristics of Fukien Tea Flower

Carmona retusa Flower
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Fukien Tea flowers are small white, measuring between 8-10 mm with 4-5 lobed corollas, and 4-6 mm drupes.


Characteristics of Fukien Tea Fruit

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The berries are small green berries when young and orange when ripe.


Characteristics of Fukien Tea Tree

Carmona retusa Tree
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Fukien Tea grows to form a 3-4 meter tall bush, with long, slender branches. Generally, these plants fall during the dry season.

This plant is very popular among fans of Bonsai and Penjing in Asia, especially in China.


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