Characteristics of Landepan Tree (Canthium horridum) in the Wild

Canthium horridum
Landepan (Canthium horridum) is a species of tree from the Rubiaceae family native to Indonesia and Malaysia. This tree grows in secondary forest and opens locations in undisturbed mixed forest. It is known, Landepan is also found growing on hillsides, mountains, and in alluvial sites up to an altitude of 600 m asl on sandy soil.

In addition to having the legal Latin name Canthium horridum, Landepan also has many synonyms on record, including:

  • Canthium hebecladum
  • Canthium horridum var. xanthocaulon
  • Canthium parviflorum
  • Canthium pauciflorum
  • Canthium scandens var. xanthocaulon
  • Canthium zizyphinum
  • Dondisia horrida
  • Hyptianthera rhamnoides
  • Plectronia horrida
  • Plectronia horrida
  • Plectronia horrida


Characteristics of Landepan Leaf

Canthium horridum Leaf

The leaves are paired along the stem or sometimes clustered on short lateral shoots, ovate to lanceolate, with a rounded or blunt base, pointed apex, and a petiole 2-3 mm long.


Characteristics of Landepan Flower

Canthium horridum Flower

Inflorescences 4 mm in diameter, white-yellow, with a short corolla tube, appear in the axillary bundle.


Characteristics of Landepan Fruit

Canthium horridum Fruit

The fruit is round like a berry, 10-12 mm in diameter, green when young and yellow to orange when ripe.


Characteristics of Landepan Tree

Canthium horridum Tree

Landepan grows as a medium-sized tree with a height of 12-15 meters in the wild.

There is no particular use for this tree, but some bonsai enthusiasts use it as a bonsai subject.


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