Characteristics of Powder-puff Tree (Calliandra sp.) in the Wild

Calliandra californica
Powder-puff or Fairy duster (Calliandra sp.) is a genus of flowering plants in the Fabaceae family, subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It has around 140 species originating from tropical and subtropical regions in America.

In Indonesia, many people plant Calliandra brevipes, Calliandra eriophylla, Calliandra harrisii, and Calliandra dysantha, as ornamental trees.

Calliandra brevipes species, which have the characteristics of flowers in the form of upright hair with red at the top and white at the bottom are species originating from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and including one of the most popular powder-puff tree species.


Characteristics of Powder-puff Leaf

Calliandra californica Leaf
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Bipinnate leaves vary in number and size, depending on the species.


Characteristics of Powder-puff Flower

Calliandra californica Flower
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Powder-puff flowers appear in a variety of sizes and shapes (generally all species have similar flower shapes and colors).

Calliandra californica Fruit
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Characteristics of Powder-puff Tree

Calliandra californica Tree
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Powder-puff trees grow to form shrubs and rarely grow as trees, usually, each Powder-puff species can grow to a height of 1-6 meters. It is also tolerant of various soils and can withstand hot temperatures.

This tree is widely cultivated to be traded as an ornamental tree because it produces beautiful flowers throughout the year, especially in the dry season.


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