Characteristics of Golden Trumpet Tree (Allamanda cathartica) in the Wild

Allamanda cathartica
Golden trumpet or Yellow allamanda is a flowering plant species of the genus Allamanda in the Apocynaceae family that originated in Brazil.

Golden trumpet trees grow to form shrubs or small trees that can reach heights of 6-8 meters. Originally, this tree does not propagate and also does not have vines / aerial roots, but it is often planted and shaped (wrapped around a canopy/fence) to grow to form a vine.

In the City of CanĂ³vanas, Puerto Rico this plant is known by the name of Canario Amarillo and was adopted as the city’s official flower plant species.

In its wild nature, many golden trumpet trees grow around rivers or open spaces exposed to sunlight throughout the day. This plant is unable to grow on moist or too wet soil and cannot withstand cold temperatures.

The golden trumpet tree grows well and produces flowers at full sun intensity without shade. If blocked, the interest produced will decrease or decrease, even if too much shade does not produce interest. The tree is also very suitable to grow in sandy soil, rich in organic matter, and well-drained. Overall, a golden trumpet is a plant that is easy to grow in tropical climatic conditions in the USDA zone 10-11.


Characteristics of Golden Trumpet Leaf

Allamanda cathartica Leaf
Source : Khare

The leaves are grouped consisting of 3-4 strands, each leaf has a length of 6-15 cm, sharp, and the surface is rather rough.


Characteristics of Golden Trumpet Flower

Allamanda cathartica Flower
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The golden trumpet flower is bright yellow and shaped like a trumpet or bell with a diameter of 6-8 cm. The flowers themselves have a nice fragrance.

Allamanda cathartica Fruit
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Characteristics of Golden Trumpet Tree

Allamanda cathartica Tree
Source : Cutler

Golden trumpet trees including woody shrub trees with a maximum height of up to 8 meters. Old tree trunks will be brown and have rough cracked wood. While young twigs are green and soft.

Because of its rapid growth, the golden trumpet tree is often used as an ornamental tree for home yards, gardens and landscape complement.


Golden trumpet flowers are known to have several medical benefits, one of which can be used as a laxative, laxative, prevent complications from malaria, and spleen swelling.

The flowers also have antibiotic properties against Staphylococcus bacteria.

The sap from the golden trumpet tree trunk has antibacterial properties.

Its roots can be used to prevent jaundice.


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