Characteristics of Rose Mallow Tree (Abelmoschus moschatus) in the Wild

Abelmoschus moschatus
Rose mallow or Yorka okra is an aromatic and medicinal plant species from the Malvaceae family, originating from tropical regions of Asia and Australia.

Rose mallow fruit seeds have used in traditional herbal medicine, including as antispasmodics and to treat gonorrhea. However, its use in herbs can cause phytophotodermatitis and has not been proven safe for use in pregnant or nursing women.

In each region, the rose mallow tree has many names such as Regula, Kaworo, Rewulow, Waron, Bukal, Kastore, and Gandapura (Indonesia), Yorka okra, Musk okra, Muskdana, Musk mallow, Rose mallow, Rose mallow, Abelmosk, Ambrette, Galu gasturi, and Tropical jewel hibiscus (International).


Characteristics of Rose Mallow Leaf

Abelmoschus moschatus Leaf
Source : de Block

The leaves are single, long-stemmed, 6-22 cm long leaves, hairy, and jagged edges.


Characteristics of Rose Mallow Flower

Abelmoschus moschatus Flower
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The flower rose mallow is big and the color is white or cream. The flowers are similar to the hibiscus flower, because of the similarity it is sometimes referred to as ornamental hibiscus.

The name synonym in the scientific language too likened to hibiscus, some of which are Hibiscus abelmoschus, Hibiscus amambayensis, and Hibiscus chinensis.


Characteristics of Rose Mallow Fruit

Abelmoschus moschatus Fruit
Source :翁明毅

The fruit has a musky aroma, shaped capsules with a length of 8 cm, and contains many seeds.

In ancient times, oil from rose mallow seed extract was used as a substitute for musk perfume, making various cosmetics, and powders. But now its use has been replaced by synthetics as a step for producers to reduce production costs.


Characteristics of the Mallow Rose Tree

Abelmoschus moschatus Tree
Source : Townsend

Rose mallow trees grow to form shrubs as high as 50-200 cm with stems that are erect, round, and hairy.

Rose mallow trees are found growing wild in open fields, dry gardens, ditches, or savanna which have a height of 600 m above sea level.

Please note that the seeds, leaves, and roots of rose mallow contain saponins, flavonoids, and tannins.


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